Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Literary Junkies .December.

Good Morning Blogging World!

It has definitely been a while, what a year it has been in my classroom.  It never seems like I am ahead on anything, but I have a week left of winter break and I am going to make this most of it!  So  I am linking up with Literary Junkies for party!

Pink Heels Pink Truck

1. What are you reading right now? Tell us about it. I am currently reading the Dinner and Big Stone Gap.  I am loving Big Stone Gap, I just realized how much I love Adriana Trigiani!  I also read the Shoemaker's Wife over Thanksgiving Break.   I am on the fence with The Dinner by: Herman Koch.  It is what I am reading for book club, and it has been a hard read at this point.  I do prefer the easy read of what I pick for myself sometimes!  However, Big Stone Gap is out on film, so I am excited to see this as well.  

2. What were your favorite reads of 2015?  Well I fell short of my goal this year of 50 books, once school started I just couldn't do what I love which is read.  So out of the 46 I did read, I loved Sarah Addison Allen books.  I read Garden Spells and I also read First Frost, who doesn't love Sarah Addison Allen!  I also liked the Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, and The Beekeeper's Daughter.  I also have gotten into The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaladon.  Love all of those, but I only finished 2 books this year of hers.  
3. What was your book-read total for 2015? Did you make your goal for the year?  I only read 46, and did not meet my goal of 50 for the year, however, I will more than likely be up to 48 by the time the year ends, so I am ok with that...
4. How many books would you like to read in 2016? I think I would like to give 50 a shot again.  Last year was 40, and I know 50 is doable, but I would like to have more time for me coming up this year, I feel pushed into the ground at times, and I need a change this year.
5. What is the number one book sitting on your Must Read list right now?  Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.  Is my book I am starting next and super excited about.  I got this book from Taylor over at 
Pink Heels Pink Truck during our Holiday Book Swap!  She is so talented at wrapping and making things looks so special!  I was so lucky to get matched up with her!  

Thanks again for checking my little blog out!  I am hoping to be more involved this coming year as well, we shall see how that goes!