Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Faves

So I haven't really blogged much lately.  Just been super busy and just decided to focus what time I did have on making things work the best and spending time with my family.  As you can see from my post, family is always on my mind.

1 - Ok so there are some LOTS of people on the Pokemon Go App.  But let me tell you this newest fad has made my boy want to exercise more.  So in the morning he has been jumping out of bed to get going on our walk.  He knows it is only possible to take our big boy of a dog, Achilles, out in the morning or the evening, since he needs it to be as cool as possible!  So every morning he gets up and hits poke stops, and finds some Pokemon and is able to get some mileage in for hatching his eggs.  I don't particularly care for the game, I'm not a video game type person who cares, but what I do care about is that we are getting outside together! Don't mind the hair, I rolled out of bed myself!

2 - Well - I have just recently gotten into the Young Living Essential Oils.  They have been amazing in the past month I have been using them!   Here is my favorite roller ball my mom made me, it is like an anti-depressant inside a little bottle that smells GREAT!!  Also I have been using a little here and there on Mason, he has a typical boy smelling room, I diffuse some of the purification and all the smell is gone!  Hallelujah!  Achilles, the aforementioned mutt, he has had a horrible time with a super dry nose, and well, a little bit of coconut oil and lavender is seeming to do the trick!  Also, I cannot do any allergy shots for a bit, so I have been diffusing this little gem to help me out!  

3 - The past couple months have been a little stenuous on the family, home and finances.  We have done so many changes in the dynamics of our little family unit.  I have started selling with many amazing companies such as LuLaRoe, KEEP-Collective and I am even able to sell Young Living, even though I am not pushing it.  On top of teaching and all of my other responsibilities, Mr. Bedford has also switched gears and is now selling Real Estate for the Real Estate Group.  I am so proud of him for doing something that he is passionate about.  He has already done amazing things and I am so proud of him.  I am also thankful for my family and friends who have seen what I've always seen in him and let him list their house!  You can check out his webpage here: Homes by Bobby Brooks
Check out this listing as well:

4 - So Mason has been able to participate in Horse Camp this past week.  We have an amazing lady at church, Mrs. Debbie and she opens her heart and her stables every year to allow our youth/children in the church partake in learning about horses, riding and having an amazing time!!   Mason had such a great time riding this past week, and to be honest the hard work wore him out, I cannot remember the last time he wanted to have quiet time, and better yet, he did it on his own!! 
Mason riding Fancy this year!

5 - Well, the summer slump has kind of hit with my motivation, where you would think it would be the opposite, but this week, I had such an eye opening Lunch Boutique to kick my booty in gear.  I am so blessed by my shopping group and friends/family.  I had a Thursday power lunch where ladies could come and shop and try on LuLaRoe.  We had a great afternoon, and even got to meet two LuLa Newbies, who had never purchased any LuLaRoe before. I had an amazing sale and a renewed vigor for my business.  I have already mapped out the rest of my month and August with LuLaOpportunities.  Here are some of my most recent LuLa Highlights. 

Thanks for reading!  I really appreciate it!!


  1. i have been hearing all about pokemon go and trying to understand it and wondering what all the hype is about... but getting your kid excited about getting out of the house and moving around?? sold. thanks for the different point of view on the game!

  2. Horse camp sounds like a lot of fun! I walk in our neighborhood every evening and since Pokemon Go was released, I've seen so many more kids than usual out and about! I think it's so great!