Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The American Heiress By: Daisy Goodwin

Next up is The American Heiress  By:  Daisy Goodwin.  Just as the season of Downton Abbey finished I picked up this book.  It did not disappoint on on this level.  
There was less upstairs/downstairs action going on, but I still liked it.  I think that Cora fit in nicely into the book. She was a rich american heiress whose mother wanted her to have a title (the only thing that couldn't be bought).   Cora was very headstrong and knew what she wanted in life.  She wanted a marriage for love not for title.  It seems when she met the Duke, otherwise known as Ivo, things all seemed to fit into place.  There was a couple twists and turns towards the end.  I feel this book ended just as the way it should, you'll have to read and see.  I am not accustomed to spoiling anything!

“... anyone can acquire wealth, the real art is giving it away.” 

I loved this particular quote.  I love the lives of these people, their struggles or lack their of, give me satisfaction in my reading and my own life.  However, these troubles will never be my own, I am quite captivated by the realization that this was a way of life only 100 years ago.  Crazy to think of these things, but very grounding how much life has changed and how different things are only countries away. 

So even if you are not into historical fiction you should still pick this up if you don't mind a love story with some ups and downs.  Next stop - The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd and finishing up Longbourn!

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