Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wedding Recap

Wow - it had almost been an entire year since I last posted.  Things got truly busy, but as I am sitting here on yet another snow day out of school.  I think I shall procrastinate just a little bit more.  I wanted to do a Wedding Recap on how our wedding went as well as the reception!
We stayed at the wonderful Riu in Monetgo Bay.  We used Bill Lyons of B&B Travel, who is local to our area and he handled all of the wedding details. THANK GOODNESS, I am so glad I didn't have to worry about any of that.  I made our Destination Wedding Invitations. They were in an envelop sleeve that matched the theme with a luggage tag as the RSVP card.  I loved these, and they were truly a work of love!
After that was done we had a small break in what was expected.  I had many DIY projects though and I am so lucky to have such amazing friends.  Here is a picture of my friends and I at my shower.  My shower was amazing my bridesmaids, Natalie, Lara, Catherine and Nikki completely outdid themselves.  I can't believe how lucky I have been in my friendships!
For the Bachelorette party - which you saw a previous post about, we really had an amazing time in South Carolina.  We got a house in Isle of Palms, and with as many girls as there was in one house I can honestly say there was no drama and we had such an amazing time together.  Thanks for making this weekend super special,  I will also remember it!
Thanks again to my wonderful Bridesmaids!
I had a parent of one of my students who was just breaking into photography who offered to take my Bridal Portraits.  We went to Smithfield for the evening and here are some of the ones were were able to capture:
Copyright:  Beth Lemerande

Next stop:  Engagement Pictures!  I am was so stoked we were down in Charleston for my best friends renewal of vows ceremony. We were able to hook up with the wonderful Dana Cubbage.  She was amazing to work with. We got some shots in downtown Charleston and at Boone Hall Plantation.  We were so happy with the memories she captured.  

We were also blessed to have a Stock the Bar party which was a blast.  Thanks to those who came out. Here is a photo of my a my new family and the hosts of the party!

Alright I mentioned DIY - well there was a lot, here is some of the things that I created for our Jamaica Wedding.  The B wedding topper was a regular one that you could purchase at a local craft store (even though a good friend let me have this one), but I put peals all over the darn thing!  I also made the chocolate starfish to go on the wedding cake in Jamaica.  I was so nervous these things weren't going to make it past customs or they were going to melt, lucky for me there were NO problems!  I also hand painted the Mr. and Mrs. sign.  You can also see two of the bouquets in the photo.  These were also DIY'd.  There were also these super cute place card holders. They were attached to a starfish with Raffia, and there was a starfish behind each of the names.  Again you can see the DIY'd bouquets.  Also the ISpy game that I made is being held up with instructions on how to access our site to upload photos from Jamaica on the back.  
If you can make these out - each bridesmaid had a Cluster Pearl necklace to wear on the wedding day. This is one of my favorite pictures of my girls and myself.  You can see all of these DIY'd bouquets, nice and simple with a starfish on the bottom with blue ribbon.  I loved the parasols in the pictures as well!  Granted these werent' the best chairs.  But you can see the aisle markers that hung on them.  They were made of raffia and attached were starfish. 

Here is a photo of my DIY'd garter.  I made the fabric flowers and the lace garter was made and dyed to go with my dress color.  In between the two fabric flowers I glued on rhinestones and pearls to give it a more glittery look.  Love how this turned out!  Here is how my bridesmaid's dresses hung as they entered my suite.  I made them "name" hangers to ask them to be bridesmaids.  Here it is pictured with the Bridesmaids dress. 

Here are more paper/fabric DIY.  These mad-libesque were nice for the ones who did them.  I have kept them and plan to put them in our wedding scrapbook when I get to that point. :)  Although these squares are together now, it is still not the quilt that I hoped to have had finished by now.  Most everybody signed a square as our guestbook for our Jamaica wedding!
There was so many other things that were DIY'd that I am sorry to say I don't have photos for.  So sad.  This was definitely a wonderful experience.  A little stressful at times but so worth it!

I feel like I've missed a big deal of the wedding.  Maybe its because I have a MILLION photos! I'll get through those in due time!

Hope you enjoyed! 

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