Sunday, January 4, 2015

1st 30 before turning 30

Wow - only the first weekend in the new year and I have completed one off the list!
So number 30 can be crossed off the list!  Whew!  I was so blessed after receiving a text from my dear friend Natalie asking if Mr. Bedford and myself wanted to go up to Rosemont Winery for the day.  I of course jumped at the chance, and excited to be able to go with good friends.  

So Rosemont Winery is close to Lake Gaston, which our friends Jeff and Kristen go and visit often.  They are also part of the wine club down there, so they knew the ends and out and we carpooled with them. Here is an excerpt from their Website about the Winery.  

 The 450 acre Rosemont Estate has been in the Rose Family since 1858, with the home place actually dating back to the mid-1700’s. Over generations, our farming operations have included vegetable farming, a peach orchard, beef cattle, dairy farming and commodity crops such as hay, tobacco, corn and soybeans.
In 2003 we continued the journey as stewards of the land, planting over 32,000 grape vines across 22 acres. Construction of the Winery began in November of 2006, with a beautiful early American style building that houses a state of the art gravity-flow wine production facility underground and in 2007 we produced our first in-house vintage.
You’ll discover that we combine our knowledge of this land with modern winemaking techniques to produce premium handcrafted wines, all of which are 100% estate grown, produced and bottled on our estate. Being involved in every aspect of winemaking, from budbreak to harvest and bottling, allows us to produce wines of the greatest quality that showcase this great Virginia terroir. 

Some of our favorite wines here were...

So here is some of the fun we got into: 

Here are the couples! 

Meet Madison!  She loved to eat everything we were eating!!

 All of us in the barrel room!

Thanks for listening!  Hope I will have more to add sometime soon!!

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