Thursday, January 1, 2015

My take on New Years Resolutions 2015 - 30 before 30

WOW- did 30 just sneak up on me or what?  I am going to turn 30 this year on APRIL 1st!  Oh my!  So instead of doing the whole resolution thing that I always NEVER stick to.  I decided to make my own list of things to accomplish before I turn 30.  So I've got 3 months to make this happen!

The 30 before 30 Challenge

In no particular order, here are the 30 things I would like to cross off my bucket list before I hit the big 3-0:
  1. Read 3 books, 3 audio book and 3 ebooks.
  2. Become closer to God.
  3. Learn how to play the guitar, I bought one for Mason but there isn't any harm, right?
  4. Visit friends in Charleston.
  5. Write 30 handwritten notes.
  6. Backpack somewhere… anywhere. Just backpack for at least 2 days/nights.
  7. Participate in a 5K event.
  8. Sew something for yourself!
  9. Lose 10 lbs.
  10. Complete 30 acts of random kindness.
  11. Go to a restaurant alone. (I’ve been to the movies solo, however getting a full meal experience alone sounds daunting… but I’m up for the challenge!)
  12. Write a will. (I know, I know… how morbid. But, you never know what can happen.)
  13. Refinish a piece of furniture.
  14. Establish a morning routine.
  15. Complete 30 Pinterest projects (and review them for the blog, eh? Whether I’m a success or failure! ;]) 
  16. Get a facial. 
  17. Go on a girls only trip.  I'm going to need help with this one!
  18. Write a children's book.
  19. Make Creme Brulee from scratch - not the pre-made stuff.
  20. Organize ALL my photos and crafting supplies!
  21. Submit an article or essay into a magazine.
  22. Volunteer
  23. Take cooking classes.
  24. Go on a random adventure.
  25. Blog consistently (atleast one post per week :/ ).
  26. Do a “cleanse” for one solid week. 
  27. Become closer with one or more friends.
  28. Have a real, fresh macaroon.
  29. Print out and display more photos - really like to do a new gallery wall.
  30. Go wine-tasting.

So that's my list - hopefully I'll be coming back soon to check some things off of the list!!  :)  If there is anything anybody would like to help me out with, that would be great as well!  The more the merrier.  Have a great 2015!

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