Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Family is always where my heart is :)

So, today was EXTREMELY long...got to work before 8, and got home just before 8 as well.  I am exhausted, but I keep thinking of something Mason told me earlier tonight.  Here's what happened, Mason wanted to participate in our school's Family Reading Night, and so he stayed with me from the time school was over until it began.  We had dinner together and had fun after school together.  For Family Reading Night he was even so lucky to diddle around with another co-workers daughter, which was so adorably dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  He enjoyed himself immensely  but when it was all said and done for the evening, he crawled in my arms and said, "Why didn't anybody come to be with me"  I just wanted to cry.  Often, I look at him and see such a strong little boy who has already endured so much with trying to figure out his place, with a single mom for all these years, and now that the end is nearing (for my single motherhood) he is trying to figure it out yet again.  When he was in my arms I said this 

He laughed and laughed, as I pretended to eat his ear.  He is such an awesome little one, I am so lucky to have, and I wrote this to say, no matter what is going on in your own life, tired, worn out or just plain "not feeling it" that day, you can be somebody's shining light.  No matter how big or small that person is, they just want to feel love and feel wanted.  Although I hate for any minute he doesn't feel love and compassion, I am always trying my best to give him all I have to make him feel loved!

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