Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Death has its way

Today I have had such a heavy heart, tomorrow marks a day of sorrow for my family. My grandmother lost her husband last week and tomorrow is the day we must put his soul to rest.  My grandmother has been in and out of hospital, nursing homes and this and that hospital in the past month for her own illnesses and now to have to bury her husband my heart is completely filled for her.   I have prayed all evening for the right words to say tomorrow as my grandmother does not live close, and I do not get to see her often.  I have been worrying about having Mason at the funeral since he, himself has only met him a couple times.  I am truly saddened by this whole experience and sometimes don't know what to say at all except to smile and continue about my business.

However, I found this quote this evening and thought on it over and over.

I thought for sure I would have more time, since the last time I saw when I stayed a night or so last spring with both of them.  I always wanted to stay longer or return again soon, but this and that always seemed to prevent me from doing so, and now I truly regret it.  I  think that there is nothing that can be done now, but I can make an effort to do a better job to try and stay in close contact to those who mean so much to me, and that I know my life would truly change if I did not have them in my life anymore. 

Sorry so somber tonight, but just needed to voice it all out!  Pray for me to find my words and understand what I am suppose to do in such a circumstance, as I pray for peace for my grandmother. 

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