Thursday, July 10, 2014

*Gift* DIY - Baby Scrapbook Album

Hey there!  So I searched and hunted for something special for one of my closest friends who was having her first son this past  year.  I couldn't think of anything at first, and of course this comes to me the week before her shower.  So I scouted around the web for a bit and stumbled upon Kerry's Paper Crafts.  She is so amazing!  I love what she did for her own baby's scrapbook I just adapted it to fit my needs.  Of course I have no pictures or anything really written, but hopefully it was a good start for my friend and something easy and non-time-consuming!  So here the pages that I completed for her and wrapped up and sent along the way!
Title Page

Month 1
I cut out the 1 month circle part and the little one sign out by using my Silhouette!

 Month 2
Also left a little room for a place to journal on this page.  You can see a closer image of the cut circle showing the month. 

 Month 3
Super Simple but a nice place to put pictures. 

Month 4
I loved this one! 

Month 5
I also made sure to use repositionable adhesive so if need be she could move anything around to make it work best for her.

Month 6
The Alligators were so cute!  So boyish!

Month 7
Nice and simple.

Month 8
This month had a lot of places to put pictures!

Month 9
Another one for a decent amount of pictures!

 Month 10
You can see a little bit of the glare on this one - I used Glossy accents on each of the letters on these pages, just to give it a little dimension! 

Month 11
Find joy everyday was also a great find on the Silhouette!  Sometimes you can't even fathom how many awesome goodies are just waiting to be found on that machine!

 Month 12
Whew....last page.

 Baby's First Thanksgiving
So I attempted to do all the holiday's as well.  Did not go so well.  This cute little turkey in all its glory was marvelous to cut off the Silhouette, but it took a decent amount of time to assemble.  So maybe if I can get my butt in gear this summer I might be able to finish the rest! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Maybe this inspired some of you to give paper scrapbooking another chance!  

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