Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Reading Challenge Month 2

Ok - So I've been a little MIA on the blogfront.  Hopefully that will be changing.  :)  I missed the first month on the blog, but here I am in for the second month.  So for May and July the things I have read are in blue.  I have a total of 75 points for these two months.  Not too shabby since I have been crazy busy with end of the the school stuff and curriculum writing.  

5 points: Freebie: Where'd You Go, Bernadette By:  Maria Semple
I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I listened to it mostly while walking my dog, and I found myself caught off guard while I was trying to maneuver my 110 pound dog around the neighborhood.  I was pleasantly surprised by this one and would like to read more from this author in the future. 
10 points: Written before you were born:  Pride and Prejudice By: Jane Austen
10 points: Finish book from before: Safe Haven By: Nicholas Sparks

10 points: Children's section: The One and Only Ivan By: Applegate
This was one of Mason and I's nightly book, that we read together.  We loved the story of Ivan and Rosie, it was nice to also show my son on-line where the idea of Ivan came from. 

15 points: New York Times' Best Seller: Husband's Secret
So this book had me on the edge of my seat for the majority of the read.  I love the way it was wrote and the way it came down to how the Secret came full circle in their lives.  I would recommend this book to anybody looking for a good book to read. 

15 points: Historical fiction: Sarah's Key

15 points: Book another blogger has read for challenge: Gone Girl
This book I did like, but I felt completely lost when it was done.  Almost like it wasn't complete.  It was so in left field most of the time, that I didn't know where it was going, I really wish it didn't end so soon though.  I wanted more of this story, to have more of a resolve. 

20 points: "Son(s)," "daughter(s)," or "child(ren)" in title: The Housemaid's Daughter By: Barbara Much
This was such a moving story about how a life could have been spent in South Africa before the Apartheid.  I loved how Cathleen and Ada grew with their relationship and how it changed over the years.  This book seemed to be drawn out, but a truly capitivating story.  

20 points: Book adapted to film in 2014: Winter's Tale By: Mark Helprin
25 points: Written by blogger: ? - I still don't know what to read - PLEASE HELP!!

25 points: Biography, autobiography, or memoir: ? Finding Me
Truly made my heart ache.  Makes you just want to run and hug your children.  How one person could be so beat down over and over.  There are just no words to describe how I feel after reading this book. 

30 points: Pair of books with antonyms in titles: One Thousand White Women and The One and Only
So far I have read The One and Only.  I wasn't completely sold on the fact of the main character getting with her best friends father, just didn't sit well with me, I am hoping that One Thousand White Women has a little more pizzazz. 

So I will hopefully be able to finish up the rest of my list this coming month!  Wish me luck, I've still got a bit to go!

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