Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Literary Junkies .July.

July Literary Junkies
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1.  What are you reading?  Tell us about it!

Hate to say it but I'm still reading Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton for the chat this evening.  As well as Hyperbole and a Half!

2.  Do you find yourself reading more of a particular genre during the heat of summer?

I find myself more drawn to the chick-lit section or the romance shelves during the summer.  Quick easy reads that can get me through the days on the beach throughout the summer.

3.  Who are your favorite book villains (either to love or to hate)?

I would have to say Miss Rosemary from The Housemaid's Daughter By: Barbara Mutch.  I despised her in this book, possibly just as I despised the injustice that was so evident throughout the book.

4.  If you could choose one author's writing powers to harness, who would you choose and why?

Liane Moriarty - she is an amazing writer, and with every book I've picked up I haven't wanted to put it down.  She has a way of telling a story that is truly captivating.

 5.  Do you read one book at a time, or read multiple books at once?

I read multiple at once - Normally I read one on the Kindle, one paper form, and listen to one in the car (audio).

6.  What are some of your favorite nonfiction books?

Well I am a teacher so I am trying to get through this particular gem in hopes of making the most impact for my students this year!  Jan Richardson is a wonderful woman I got the chance to meet, and would like to be able to make her system work in my classroom this year.
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