Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Whole Brain Conference

So I just had the opportunity to attend a conference where Coach B was AAHH-MAZING!  There are just some things when you leave you are so excited about and so ready for more information even after you've spent all day learning about it and you are soooo EXHAUSTED!  This is definitely one of those cases.  So what I am talking about is Whole Brain Teaching!

I linked the picture to the website.  This was such a wonderful tool to learn about, and I cannot wait to start the year off utilizing it.  So I got a little excited this evening, so I decided to go ahead and make a Google Spreadsheet for to calculate the classroom averages to see what they engagement is throughout the week.  This is also a wonderful tool to see where your kids are moving and where they have come from.  This is also a tool to help see if there are any problems with students if there has been any dips in a student's involvement. 

So here is my Google Spreadsheet that has all 4 nine weeks at the bottom of the document.  It automatically averages your classes averages, if you have less kids, just delete the rows.  Like Coach B says, Its your classroom, do what works for your classroom!

(just click the snapshot)

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