Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Made It 8.4.14

So I have another month before school starts but, I wanted to link up with 4thGrade Frolics for another  Monday Made It

I have had a lot going on over here with home renovations and trying to figure out which project we want to tackle next (such a pain), but I am trying to get a little ahead of where I need to be for the start of school. 

Ok, so here is my inspiration for the week.  My chalkboard for this week.  It might be a little crooked, but not too terrible!
Here is the song if you want to listen along while you finish reading the rest of this post. 

So I found so many of these where people were having to cut things out and paste and this and that.  I didn't want to have to do all of that.  So I made up my own - in Word.  I just need to bring up my contact information and I'm waiting on my schedule for this year, since we don't start school until September I will probably get it the last week of school.  I plan on printing this on colored paper as soon as I get all the information to finish it up!  

Whew - I can't believe I copied more than 150 pieces of paper, with 100 of them being Cardstock!  I was stressing over spending that much money with OfficeMax, but I was able to use my retail card that our district provides for a discount.  So I was able to get down from 90 dollars, to 50 and then they were running a special for 25% off copies this week so they gave me that on top, so I managed spending 37 dollars.  Not too bad. So now I have a lot of cutting and laminating in my future, which is perfect since my district in throwing its own PINTEREST party this coming Thursday.  I am hoping I can get the majority of this done and cut so that I am ready to go when I go to move rooms next week.  YIKES - not looking forward to moving rooms.  
So remember those frames I was doing last week - here are two of them hung up in my craft room/office.  There's an ornament my son handcrafted as well on there.  fun, Fun, FUN!  I need to get more serious about back to school Stuff, but I figured I'll get there eventually!

So I'll leave you with the frame that I wrote out the first dance lyrics to for a friend's wedding I attended over the weekend.  So happy for the both of them and it was a wonderful wedding!  Have a great week!


  1. The frames are beautiful. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

    Quinnessential Lessons

  2. Thanks Kim, the frames were super easy - took about 15 minutes to get put together! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Your chalkboard is beautiful and so inspirational!

    1. Thanks Erika! I am definitely making an attempt to find more inspiration!