Sunday, August 3, 2014

Vacation - Fishers Island

So we are so blessed that we are able to see Bob and Verena so much throughout the year.  We first visited them during Spring Break while they were in Florida.  It was such a nice trip and we definitely enjoy our time with them. So this past month for 4th of July we were able to go and visit them up on Fishers Island, and we had a blast!  Here are some of the highlights!
We arrived and were so blessed by the people down the lane allowing us to use their kayaks.  We had so much fun on these.  We went out on the water everyday we could!  It was so peaceful and serene, and lets face it, it was a workout for somebody who's never kayaked before!  Here's a couple more from our Kayak out in the water around the Island.

We had so much fun!  It was nice to get out on the water as a family and have some fun!  We were able to go out often and we even went out with friends when they made their way up to the Island.  Like I just said we had friends that met us up on the Island for 4th of July.  It was a shame that it rained on the actual Fourth of July.
Here are some pictures of us on the beach!   Here is Natalie and I just foot deep in the cold water.  The guys are over on the other side with their walking sticks after they ventured a little around the Island on a hunt for some good twisty sticks to try and whittle away.

So what's the best way to eat LOBSTER?!?  This way of course!  Look at these cute lobster plates.  I know everybody had a great evening, well maybe except Tim!
We also went out on the Fourth of July to The Pequot.  Here's Natalie and I posing pretty at the "quot"! 
Well, Bobby has know The Luskers for a long time, and I have been so happy to become friends with this awesome family!  Mason and Madison have an amazing time and ALWAYS want to be together when we are up there.  They are hilarious and constantly have me laughing and smiling at their crazy antics!
Such a fun Fourth of July Parade!  Love the authenticity of it!  A little short but filled with great people!

Love these photos of my family! We went to the Ferguson Wildlife Preserve after the parade, and were able to get these wonderful shots.  Thanks Timmy for taking the one on the left.  I love the one on the right, a picture of my boys!
 So this was the view when we were leaving the Island.  After 10 days on the Island we didn't want to leave, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end.  Anyways here's a picture of the lighthouse and then my crazy boys striking a pose!
Here is Mighty Mason and I.  Can't wait for our next vacation!

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