Friday, February 6, 2015

.Grout Refresh. HOME PROJECT - Tile refinisher

Ok - so I have been desperately trying to sell my house for the past month!  YIKES, I am so ready to just have one house payment between my husband and I!  We have been doing some renovations to make it more "likable".  My body completely aches when I leave here and then I return to my own home and try to attempt the same thing at my own humble abode.  I will honestly say this doesn't always occur.  Renovations whip my tail especially since most of it has something to do with dust, dirt, or other things that likes to agitate my allergies.  YIKES!  So I am lucky I have my husband who is normally amazing when it comes to home repairs.  He however does not do so well going from a crouching or sitting stance to standing in succession. Hence my first project.  Dunndunnnannnnn.....GROUT REFRESH!  
This stuff is amazing for what it does on tile!  It was a little hard to enjoy this project since I did not have any hot water to rinse out my sponges with, but this is a great option if you don't want to completely re grout your tile or if it is starting to look a little dingy.  

I started this little journey by first watching this very same YouTube video.  

So here is my step by step pictures of this process.
Here is the before picture.  The grout for this tile was a little too dark for my taste and most of the taste of people coming in to look at the house.  So it has to go, see there are other projects going on as well with the caulk gun on the floor as well.
This is after I applied a bit of the tile refresh on a good sized section of tile in the front foyer.  It is kind of like just painting it onto the existing grout in your space.  I just didn't have a small paintbrush yours could look neater than this!
 The end product!  YAHOO!  There was a decent amount of bending over and then standing up to rinse out my sponge and dry cloth that I used.  I would recommend getting a sponge that has like a Brillo pad on one side and the spongy part on the other.  It made it easy to scrape off of the sides of the tile and then a dry or slightly damp cloth was useful to get get all the Refresh residue off of the tile.

 In all this was a relatively simple project that gave great results for very little money putting out.  I am glad I did this project.   In order to complete a 13 x 13 room it took me approximately 2 hours.  I did this technique in my front foyer, half bath, kitchen and formal dining room.  Hopefully this was helpful!  If you complete the project please leave feedback on things you might have done differently or pointers!

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